GLM Analysis Wizard Between Design

Select Analysis Wizard in the Specification method list on the GLM dialog box - Quick tab, click the OK button, select variables in the variable selection dialog box, and click OK to display the GLM Analysis Wizard Between Design dialog box. This dialog box contains two tabs: Default between design and Custom between design. The Default between design tab lists the default effects in your design and the Custom between design tab is used to customize the specific effects you want to include in your design.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display a variable selection dialog box. Depending on the Type of analysis selected on the GLM dialog box - Quick tab, Statistica prompts you to select one or more dependent variables, one or more categorical predictor variables (grouping variables or factors in the design), and/or one or more continuous predictor variables (covariates). For example, if you select Simple regression from the GLM dialog box - Quick tab, you are prompted to enter one or more dependent variables and a single predictor variable; if you select General linear models, you are prompted to specify dependent variables and both (optionally) categorical and/or continuous predictor variable lists. For details concerning different types of designs, and the distinction between continuous and categorical predictor variables, see the Introductory Overview.

OK (Run). Click the OK (Run) button to begin the computations and display the GLM Results dialog box.

< Back. Click the < Back button to move back to the previous dialog in the Analysis Wizard.

Next >. Click the Next > button to advance to the GLM Analysis Wizard Extended Options dialog box.

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.

For alternative ways of specifying designs in GLM, see Methods for Specifying Designs.