GLM Quick Specs

Select Quick specs dialog in the Specification method list and specify a Type of analysis on the GLM dialog box - Quick tab. Then click the OK button in the GLM dialog box to display the GLM Quick Specs dialog box, which contains two tabs: Quick and Options. Note that the title of this dialog box will always reflect the Type of analysis that has been selected in the GLM Startup Panel. Use the options on the Quick tab to select and specify the types of variables for your general linear model. Use the options on the Options tab to specify random factors, method of parameterization, type of sums of squares, and a cross validation variable for your general linear model.

OK. Click the OK button to display the GLM Results dialog box (or the standard variable selection dialog box if you have not already specified your variables).

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog box without performing any analysis and return to the GLM dialog box.

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.

Syntax editor. Click the Syntax editor button to display the GLM Analysis Syntax Editor; all current specifications (e.g., variable selections, design specifications) in the Quick specs dialog box will automatically be transferred (translated) to the syntax editor, and can be further modified or saved. However, note that when you click the < Back button in the GLM Analysis Syntax Editor after introducing additional customizations, those customizations specified in the GLM Analysis Syntax Editor will not be translated "back" to the Quick specs dialog boxes.

For alternative ways of specifying designs in GLM, see Methods for specifying designs.