GLM, GLZ, GRM, PLS, GDA, MANOVA, and SAS Syntax - Keyword Output


{ NONE }


{ List of options (integers)};

Example. OUTPUT = 1 2 4;

Optional keyword; select the default output (spreadsheets) that are to be produced automatically when the respective GLM Results dialog is displayed; default is NONE.

The specific output (e.g., spreadsheets) that will be produced for each option depends on whether this option is used in a GLM, GLZ, GRM, PLS, GDA or ANOVA/MANOVA syntax program. In general, the available output options will have the following effects:

  1. This option will produce the respective most important summary output, e.g., the summary spreadsheet of all effects in GLM.

  2. This option will produce spreadsheets of all major results; e.g., in the case of GLM, the univariate results, univariate and multivariate results for repeated measures factors, results for any random effects (variance components, denominator synthesis), parameter estimates, whole model tests, etc.

  3. This option will produce descriptive statistics for the variables involved in the analysis; in the case of GLM, GLZ, and GRM, spreadsheets of least squares means (predicted means in GLZ) for all categorical effects will also be computed.

  4. This option will produce spreadsheets with predicted and residual statistics.

The OUTPUT keyword is useful when you run syntax programs for automated routine analyses and want to produce automatically various default results.