GLM and MANOVA Syntax - Keyword SSType 


{ 1 }


{ 2 }


{ 3 }


{ 4 }


{ 5 }


{ 6 };



Example. SSTYPE = 1;

Optional keyword; specify how to construct the hypotheses for the tests of main effects and interactions; for the sigma-restricted model (PARAM =SIGMA) the default value is 6 (unique or effective hypothesis decomposition; see Hocking, 1985) and option 4 is not valid; for the overparameterized model (PARAM =OVERP) the default value is 3 (orthogonal; see Goodnight, 1980), and option 6 is not valid. Option BALANCED is only applicable to balanced between designs (see Huge balanced ANOVA for a definition of "eligible" designs), and will greatly speed up the computations for huge designs (see Balanced ANOVA in the Introductory Overview). For a description and discussion of the different options for constructing main effect and interaction hypotheses in unbalanced and incomplete designs, see also Six types of sums of squares.

Applies to. GLM and ANOVA/MANOVA