GLM and MANOVA Syntax - Keyword WDesign


{ NONE }


{ Design specifications };


Optional keyword; specify the design for the within-subject (repeated measures) factors specified with the REPEATED keyword; if no WDESIGN is specified, the analysis will be performed on the within-model intercept, i.e., effectively on the overall mean for the variables specified in the DEPENDENT variable list.

The syntax conventions for specifying designs are the same as those described for the DESIGN statement, except that:

· Nesting is not permitted; e.g, R1(R2) is not a valid design specification

· Polynomial effects are not permitted; e.g., R1*R1 or R1|R1 are not valid syntax

Note that polynomial, nested hypotheses, etc. can be specified and tested using the planned comparison facility.

Assignment of dependent variables to levels of the repeated measures factors. Refer to the description of keyword REPEATED.

Applies to. GLM and ANOVA/MANOVA