Factorial ANOVA in GLM, GLZ, and PLS

Select Factorial ANOVA as the Type of analysis on the GLM Startup Panel - Quick tab to specify factorial ANOVA or MANOVA designs. In the subsequent Quick Specs dialog box, you can specify one or more categorical predictor variables, and specify either a full factorial ANOVA (MANOVA) model, or a custom factorial design that includes terms to a user-specified factorial degree (e.g., main effects and two-way interactions only). Those types of models are frequently used in the area of industrial experimentation, where fractional factorial designs (e.g., 2(k-p) fractional factorial designs or 3(k-p) and Box Behnken designs) are commonly used to evaluate many factors and their lower-order interactions in few experimental runs (observations). See the Experimental Design module, the Introductory Overview, and the GLM - Index for more information.