Factorial Regression in GLM, GLZ, and PLS

Select Factorial regression as the Type of analysis on the GLM Startup Panel - Quick tab to specify factorial regression designs. In the subsequent Quick Specs dialog box, you can specify one or more continuous predictor variables and one or more dependent variables. Also, in that dialog box, you can specify a factorial design for the continuous predictors, up to a specified degree. For example, if three continuous predictor variables A, B, and C are selected, STATISTICA will by default construct all terms for the complete factorial design (of degree 3): A, B, C, A*B, A*C, B*C, A*B*C; if you request to only evaluate the factorial design up to degree 2, the three-way interaction (A*B*C) will be dropped.

Factorial designs with continuous predictor variables are common in industrial experimentation (see Experimental Design and Response Surface Regression). For more information, refer to the Introductory Overview and the GLM - Index.