Huge Balanced ANOVA in GLM and GLZ

Select Huge balanced ANOVA as the Type of analysis on the GLM Startup Panel - Quick tab when the design is balanced and very large, i.e., when some (interaction or nested) effects have many hundreds of degrees of freedom. For balanced ANOVA designs, the computations can be greatly simplified, and large designs that may require several minutes to analyze take only a few seconds using this option. See also Efficient Computations for (Huge) Balanced ANOVA Designs for details.

Specifically, this option may be appropriate if:

  • all cells in the between design have equal N, and

  • if nesting is present, the nesting is balanced so that equal numbers of levels of the factors that are nested appear in the levels of the factor(s) that they are nested in; and

  • there are no continuous predictors in the design; and

  • there is no within-subject (repeated measures) design; and

  • multivariate tests for the dependent variables are not of interest (only univariate results for each dependent variable will be computed).

Also, certain advanced GLM Results dialog box options will not be available when you choose this option. For more information, refer to the Introductory Overview and the GLM - Index.