Repeated Measures ANOVA in GLM and GLZ

Select Repeated measures ANOVA as the Type of analysis on the GLM Startup Panel - Quick tab to specify designs with repeated measures. In the subsequent Quick Specs dialog box, you can specify one or more categorical predictor variables and two or more dependent variables that will be interpreted by STATISTICA as repeated measures (e.g., the scores on a test taken at Time 1 and Time 2). Note that the Quick Specs dialog box contains options for specifying the within-subject (repeated measures) design, and you can specify univariate designs (with a single variable or measurement that is measured repeatedly) or multivariate designs (with multiple variables or measurements that are measured repeatedly; e.g., Test 1 measured at Time 1 and Time 2, and Test 2 measured at Time 1 and Time 2).

The specification of repeated measures designs is further described in the Quick Specs dialog box topic, as well as the GLM Analysis Syntax Editor topic. For a discussion of the computations involved, and the GLM Results reported for the analysis of repeated measures, see also the Introductory Overview. These designs are also discussed in the Notes section.