General ANOVA/MANOVA and GLM Notes - Specifying Univariate and Multivariate Between-Groups Designs

The following topics discuss various types of common between-groups ANOVA and MANOVA designs. Most of the designs discussed can be analyzed via the ANOVA/MANOVA module, which is a subset of the General Linear Models (GLM) module. However, some of the advanced designs must be specified via the GLM module. Specifically, designs involving continuous predictors (covariates), random effects, and more than one repeated measures factor must be analyzed via GLM.

One-Way Between-Groups ANOVA and Contrast Analysis
Multi-Way Between-Groups ANOVA and Contrast Analysis

Isolated ("Hanging") Control Group

For more information, see:

Within-Subjects Designs


See also, ANOVA/MANOVA Introductory Overview, General ANOVA/MANOVA and GLM - Notes, Methods for Analysis of Variance, General Linear Model (GLM), General Regression Models (GRM), Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA, and Experimental Design (DOE); to analyze nonlinear models, see Generalized Linear/Nonlinear Model (GLZ).