PLS Results

Partial Least Squares (PLS)

Click the OK button in the PLS Quick Specs dialog box to display the PLS Results dialog box, which contains six tabs: Quick, Summary, Observational, Distances, Save, and Report. Note that this dialog box will also be displayed when you click the OK (Run) button in the PLS Analysis Wizard Between Design dialog box, the PLS Analysis Wizard Extended Options dialog box, or the PLS Analysis Syntax Editor.

Use the options on the Quick tab to produce summaries of the main results, for example, the R-square values and weights. Use the Summary tab to produce additional summaries of the main results. Use the options on the Observational tab to compute predicted values, residual values, and factor loadings, and also to plot those values in various types of graphs. Use the options on the Distances tab to compute and plot distances from the origin (zero for all dimensions) for the predicted and residual statistics, loadings, and weights for the respective number of components. Use the options on the Save tab to display the predicted and residual statistics. Use the options on the Report tab to send results to a report.

Number of components. Enter the number of components to be retained for the display of the loadings, weights, and related statistics, and also for the computation of the predicted and residual statistics in the Number of components field. The setting of this field will not only affect the number of components shown in various spreadsheets and plots, but also the computations for the predicted and residual values (i.e., they will be computed from the number of components specified in this field).

Modify. Click the Modify button to display the previous dialog box for the respective analysis (see Methods for Specifying Designs). You will then be able to modify the current analysis.

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.

By Group. Click the By Group button to display the By Group specification dialog box.

Close. Click the Close button to close the current results dialog and return to the Partial Least Squares Models Startup Panel.

See also the Introductory Overview or the Partial Least Squares (PLS) Index.