General Regression Models (GRM) - Examples

The following links lead to examples that showcase GRM''s implementation of the general linear model, an implementation that enables you to build models for highly complex designs, including designs with effects for categorical predictor variables.  

GRM Examples of Model Building.

Example 1: Stepwise Regression

The Examples section of the General Linear Models module contains examples of many basic and advanced types of analyses using the general linear model, and the typical results that are computed. Note that GRM and GLM provide similar methods for specifying analyses and producing results, so for many of the example analyses the same specifications can be used in GRM as are used in GLM.  

Basic examples of analyses using the general linear model.

Example 1: A 2 x 3 Between-Groups Factorial ANOVA Design

Advanced examples of unique features in GLM.

Example 1: Type V Sums of Squares

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