Basic Functions for Editing Objects (Spreadsheets, Graphs, etc.)

As described in The STATISTICA VB Object Model, all STATISTICA output is handled via various STATISTICA documents, such as spreadsheets, graphs, and reports. These objects have numerous properties and methods to customize practically every aspect of the display, such as fonts, colors, etc. Also, methods are provided to extract selectively individual numbers, text, etc., for further processing via the SVB program.

To review, for example, all properties and methods available for the spreadsheet, display the Object Browser, first open a macro, and then:

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Tools group, click Object. Or, select the View tab. In the Browser group, click Object.

Classic menus. From the View menu or the Tools menu, select Object Browser, or click the Object Browser toolbar button.

Select the STATISTICA library, and highlight the Spreadsheet object in the left pane; the right pane will then display the available properties and methods.

Most methods and properties are self-explanatory. Below are links to examples of typical operations that can be performed on graph and spreadsheet objects.

Formatting Cells in Spreadsheets