Macro (SVB) Programs Example - Customizing Toolbars and Menus via Statistica Visual Basic

Statistica provides full access to all of its customization options via Statistica Visual Basic functions. A detailed discussion of the techniques available for customizing toolbars, menus, etc., and how to use these methods to fully customize or expand Statistica is beyond the scope of this introduction. There are many excellent books available that discuss in great details the CommandBars object and how to use it in (Microsoft) Windows applications (e.g., to customize Microsoft Office applications). In general, customizing toolbars, menus, pop-up menus, etc. is useful in order to:

  • Provide quick access to frequently used options or methods;

  • Program highly customized events; e.g., to customize the right mouse button menu (shortcut menu) when you click on certain objects by adding macro programs or links to other applications to that menu;

  • Program fully customized versions of Statistica dedicated to perform only a few predefined tasks (e.g., a version for data entry only);

  • Add new options to Statistica developed by other vendors; those options could be invoked from a Statistica Visual Basic macro program if they are accessible as reference libraries.

See Example - Adding a Custom Toolbar via an SVB Macro Program.