Editing and Customizing Recorded Macro (SVB) Programs

When developing custom programs via STATISTICA Visual Basic, it is a useful shortcut to record macro (SVB) programs from an analysis similar to the one that you want to incorporate into the custom program, and then to modify the recorded macro for inclusion into the program. For example, you may want to compute a suite of basic descriptive statistics that include parts of various types of analyses available in STATISTICA. For that analysis, you may only want to provide the user with a choice of variables for the analysis, and then proceed to compute a default selection of results, without requiring any additional input from the user.

In this section, some methods for customizing the default "recordings" of interactive analyses will be illustrated. In order to develop highly customized programs, you may also want to review Error Handling, Opening New Applications, Opening Files, Printing, Basic Functions for Editing Objects (customizing of STATISTICA documents (such as spreadsheets or graphs), and Custom Dialogs; Custom User Interfaces (the design and servicing of custom dialog boxes).

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