Recording Simple Macro (SVB) Programs, Documenting an Analysis

When running analyses in STATISTICA, all options and output choices are automatically recorded; when you create a macro (via Options - Create Macro), the complete recording of all your actions is translated into a STATISTICA Visual Basic program that can be run to recreate the analysis. This facility is very useful in at least three ways:

1. you can fully document the analysis; the recorded macro is a record of the analyses that were performed;

2. you can automate routine analyses; for example, if particular analyses have to be performed on periodically updated data, then a recorded macro automates this task; and

3. the recorded macro (SVB) programs can easily be edited; in fact, the quickest way to build complex programs is to record particular portions of the analyses (e.g., to make particular graphs), and then to edit the recorded macro for inclusion into a larger and more complex program.

Recording a Simple Macro