Macro (SVB) Programs Example - Accessing Results Spreadsheet Data

Here is an example of how the values in a results spreadsheet can be used as input data for another analysis; specifically, this program will make a results spreadsheet with descriptive statistics, and then use the column of means from that results spreadsheet to produce a normal probability plot (of means).

Sub Main
' Create the STATISTICA Basic Statistics Analysis object;
' open the input data spreadsheet (example file) 10items.sta
' NOTE: This file may reside in a different directory on
' your installation.

Dim s As Spreadsheet

Set s = Spreadsheets.Open _
(Path & "\Examples\DataSets\10Items.sta")

Set newanalysis = Analysis (scBasicStatistics, s)

' Select from the startup dialog of Basic Statistics, option
' Descriptives (the first option on the startup dialog).

newanalysis.Dialog.Statistics = scBasDescriptives

' "Click OK", i.e., Run this dialog.


' On the following dialog, select all variables 1-10.

newanalysis.Dialog.Variables = "1-10"

' Make the Summary results (descriptive statistics) spreadsheet.

Dim s1 As Spreadsheet

Set s1 = newanalysis.Dialog.Summary(1)

' Create a 2D Probability Plots object; use the results
' Spreadsheet from the previous analysis as the input Spreadsheet.

Set newanalysis = Analysis (sc2dProbabilityPlots, s1)

' Request a Normal Probability plot for variable 2 (Means).

With newanalysis.Dialog

.Variables = "Mean"
GraphType = scProbNormal

End With

' Create the normal probability plot of means for all variables in
' file 10items.sta.

Set PPlot=newanalysis.Dialog.Graphs


End Sub