Limitations and Differences between SVB and Visual Basic in Other Applications

While the objects of the Statistica libraries are fully exposed and accessible to all compatible Visual Basic programming environments in other applications, there are a few functions that are only available in SVB, i.e., when the Visual Basic program is run from within Statistica. (Likewise, there are some functions in other applications that are not accessible in the SVB environment.) Specifically, all user-interface functions, such as user-defined dialogs or functions for retrieving variable lists or value lists (via dialogs from the user) are closely tied to the Statistica application itself. Therefore, when designing a Visual Basic program to run from a "foreign" application (e.g., from within Microsoft Excel), it is best to design the user interface (dialogs) using the tools available in that application; those tools are usually designed such that they allow you to program interfaces with an overall "look-and-feel" that makes them compatible with all other interfaces (dialogs) used in the respective application. Refer also to the section on Custom Dialog Boxes; Custom User Interfaces for additional details.