Statistica Programming in C++ Overview

The COM-base architecture of Statistica allows access to its library of functions through any COM-compliant programming language, such as Visual Basic, C#, and C++.  In the case of C++, developers can integrate the Object Model of Statistica seamlessly with other libraries such as the Microsoft Foundation Classes, the C++ Standard Library, and the Standard Template Library. For example, the STL's rich set of algorithms and function objects (i.e., functors) can easily work in unison with the library of objects and functions of Statistica within a custom application.

Add-ins. A common use for using C++ with the Statistica library is to create custom dynamic link library (*.dll) add-ins with Visual C++. By creating an Active Template Library control using Statistica's COM architecture, you can easily create custom interfaces that can be added to Statistica.

Performance. Another advantage of using C++ with a custom Statistica application is the optimized speed performance associated with C++. Because of the language's low-level capabilities (e.g., the ability to embed inline assembly instructions), custom algorithms written in C/C++ are extremely efficient.