Events Warning

When opening a document that contains macro events, an events warning dialog box (titled STATISTICA) will be displayed, which contains options to choose whether you want to enable or disable the macro events. If the document is from a trusted source, you can select Enable Macros to enable the document's events to run; however, the ability to disable these events is also offered as a security precaution against macro viruses.

A macro virus is a type of computer virus that resides in the macro events of a report, workbook, spreadsheet, or graphs. When you open an affected document or perform an action that triggers a macro virus, the macro virus will become active.

STATISTICA will display a warning message whenever you open a STATISTICA document that contains macro events. You can then decide whether to open the document with the macros enabled or disabled. To enable the macro events, click the Enable Macros button; conversely, you can disable the document's macro events by clicking the Disable Macros button. A macro virus can only be harmful if it is allowed to run, so disabling the macro events enables you to open the document safely.

If you disable the macros, you won't be able to run any macros, recalculate custom functions, or run event handlers (macros that run in response to actions such as double clicking).You can still examine and edit the macros by selecting Events - View Code from the View menu.

If you want to disable the macro events for all documents that will open, then select Options from the Tools menu to display the Options dialog. Click the Macro (SVB) Programs tab and clear the Enable Events check box.

See also Document-Level Events Example.