When a macro is displayed:

Ribbon bar. Select the Macro tab. In the Tools group, click References to display the References dialog box.

Classic menus. Select References from the Tools menu to display the References dialog box.

Use these tools to aid in including reference libraries to your program.



Click this button to scroll upward through the available references.

Click this button to scroll downward through the available references.

Additionally, you can use these tools to browse through all of your libraries.

Available References. This list box displays all of your registered object libraries. You can either use the scroll bar next to the list box or the up and down arrows (see above) to navigate through the libraries. To include libraries into your STATISTICA project, click the check box adjacent to the library references in the list box and click the OK button.

Browse. Click this button to search for additional reference libraries. This is useful for libraries that may not be installed or reside on another machine (in a network setting).

Info box. The Info box at the bottom of the dialog box displays the currently selected library's name, version number, location, and language.

OK. Click the OK button to accept the changes made in the References dialog box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog box. Any changes made will be disregarded.

Help. Click this button to display help for the WinWrap© Basic Language.

See also, Speeding Up the Execution (Loading) of STATISTICA Visual Basic Programs by Removing Unnecessary References (Type Libraries).