SCL Import Warning

When importing a STATISTICA Command Language application, STATISTICA's SCL translator will convert the application into STATISTICA Visual Basic; hence, it will be brought into the next generation of STATISTICA programming and automation.

Note that the importer will only translate the syntax of the application; program flow, structure, and logic are concepts that conversion utilities have no control over. After importing, it is highly recommended that you review the logic and flow of your program to verify that its original intentions have been translated properly.

Note also that because of SVB's rich set of features and depth, the importer may not be able to convert every instruction from SCL to SVB. The importer will include comments into the newly created SVB application indicating minor conversion issues and offer informative suggestions for adding your own custom functionality to correct it.

See also, Importing STB/SCL, STB Import Warning, and Remarks on Importing SCL Programs to STATISTICA Visual Basic.