Macro (SVB) Program Examples - Creating a Statistica Query Toolbar

This example will create a custom toolbar that contains numerous options regarding Statistica Query, and position it in the upper portion of the Statistica window. For further customization of this new toolbar (e.g., add your own icons to represent the buttons), refer to Button Appearance.

Option Base 1

Sub Main

Dim qBar As CommandBar
qBar = _

'Begin inserting buttons (indicating the index position,
'the menu option's ID, and its title.

qBar.InsertButton 1, scCmdFileExternalDataOpenQueryfromFile, , "Run"
qBar.InsertButton 2, scCmdFileExternalDataCreateQuery, , "New"
qBar.InsertButton 3, scCmdFileExternalDataEditQuery, , "Edit"
qBar.InsertButton 4, scCmdFileExternalDataProperties, , "Properties"

'Insert separator bar
qBar.InsertSeparator 5
qBar.InsertButton 6, scCmdFileExternalDataRefreshData, , "Refresh"
qBar.InsertButton 7, scCmdFileExternalDataDeleteQuery, , "Delete"
qBar.InsertButton 8, scCmdFileExternalDataCancelQuery, , "Cancel"

'Place the new toolbar on top with the other toolbars
qBar.Position = scBarTop

End Sub