Statistica Visual Basic Library of Matrix Functions - Dim Array_Name (XDim, ...)




name of data array (see Arrays in functions)


number of elements in specified dimension of matrix (see Arrays in functions)

The Dim function serves two purposes:

· to declare an array (see Arrays in functions) of the specified dimensions.

· to declare global variables or arrays in user-defined functions and subroutines.

Specifying Arrays. Arrays may be one, two, or multidimensional (up to 8 dimensions). Multi-dimensional arrays may be defined by listing the number of elements in each dimension. The array name is used to refer to the array in all matrix functions. All array declarations using Dim must occur at the beginning of the macro (SVB) program. (Array declarations and redefinitions using ReDim may occur at any point within the macro (SVB) program.)

Specifying Global Variables and Arrays. The Dim statement can also be used before user-defined functions and subroutines, in order to declare global variables and arrays.

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