Are There Example Statistica Visual Basic Programs Included in the Package?

There are numerous Statistica Visual Basic examples provided that are separated into the following categories:

Getting Started. A few brief, simple examples are presented in Getting Started to introduce you to Statistica Visual Basic and its environment.

Spreadsheets and Statistics. Various examples explaining how to create, format, and write data to Statistica spreadsheets. Also included are examples of statistical-analysis automation which will further excel your analytical productivity.

Graphs. Examples detailing how to programmatically create and customize Statistica Graphs.

Reports. Examples showing how to programmatically create, customize, and import data to Statistica Reports.

Workbooks. Examples are provided which allow you to programmatically manage your documents by utilizing Statistica Workbooks.

Statistica Interface. The Statistica environment itself can be controlled and customized in the examples offered in this section.

Other Environments. Examples of using the Statistica Visual Basic library from within other environments.

Please refer to Macro (SVB) programs examples for a complete listing.