Query for PI summaries data over an evenly spaced interval given by a number of observations.


App As Application

Tags() As String

Smry As ArchiveSummaryTypeConstants

Servers() As String

StartDate As Variant

CalcBasis As CalculationBasisConstants

Users() As String

StopDate As Variant

GoodOnly As Boolean

Passwords() As String

Obs As Long


Return Value

Result As Spreadsheet

SVB Example

' References required

' PixxAddin 1.0 Type Library (1.0)

' PISDK 1.3 Type Library (1.0)

' PISDKCommon 1.0 Type Library (1.0)


Option Base 1

Const g_nTags = 5

Sub Main

Dim PiConn As PixxUI

Set PiConn = AddIns.AddIn("PixxAddin.PixxUI.1")


Dim aServers(g_nTags) As String

Dim aUsers(g_nTags) As String

Dim aPwds(g_nTags) As String


Dim nItem As Integer

For nItem = 1 To g_nTags


aServers(nItem) = "PISERVER"

aUsers(nItem) = "piadmin"

aPwds(nItem) = ""


Next nItem


Dim aTags(g_nTags) As String


aTags(1) = "BA:ACTIVE.1"

aTags(2) = "BA:TEMP.1"

aTags(3) = "BA:CONC.1"

aTags(4) = "BA:LEVEL.1"

aTags(5) = "BA:PHASE.1"


Dim w As Workbook


On Error Resume Next


Set w = PiConn.PISummariesDataObs(Application,aServers,aUsers,aPwds,aTags,"y","t",240,asAverage,cbTimeWeightedContinuous,True,False)


If Err.Number <> 0 Then

MsgBox Err.Description

Exit Sub

End If


w.Visible = True


End Sub