Statistica PI Add-In Overview

The PI Add-in for the STATISTICA family of products provides the capability to read PI data from a PI database. The PI data are returned in a STATISTICA spreadsheet for further processing.

About PI data base. PI is a data historian software system from OSI Software ( PI collects data from multiple instruments and machines to store the data for review, trending, and analysis. The PI repository is non-relational, a proprietary format that is optimized for the storage and retrieval of huge amounts of historical data.  

PI SDK. The STATISTICA PI Add-in utilizes the PI SDK to create a native querying tool from STATISTICA. With this Connector, users of the STATISTICA suite and PI can query their data for both offline and online analyses.

STATISTICA Object Model. The STATISTICA PI Add-in provides an interactive method of data retrieval; however, these same data retrieval functions can be called from other applications that support the standard Visual Basic language, such as Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Excel, etc. For more information, see Automation Methods.

Note on PI3 servers. PI3 servers impose a limit on the maximum number of events that can be returned with a single call. By default, this is set at 150,000. This behavior can be changed on the server by editing the server's PITimeout table and adding or editing the value associated with the parameter ArcMaxCollect.