Quality Control Charts Startup Panel

Ribbon bar. Select the Statistics tab. In the Industrial Statistics group, click QC Charts and from the menu, select QC Charts to display the Quality Control Charts Startup Panel. Or, select the Data Mining tab. In the Tools group, click Optimizations, and select Quality Control Charts from the QC Charts submenu to display the Startup Panel.

Classic menus. On the Statistics - Industrial Statistics & Six Sigma submenu or on the Data Mining - Process Optimization - QC Charts submenu, select Quality Control Charts to display the Quality Control Charts Startup Panel.

The Startup Panel contains four tabs: Quick, Variables, Attributes, and Real-time.

Open a chart specification file. Click the Open a chart specification file button to display a standard Open file dialog box from which you can open an *.ini file.

OK. Click the OK button to display the specification dialog box of the analysis selected from the tabs.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the Startup Panel without performing an analysis.

Options. See Options Menu for descriptions of the commands on this menu.

Open Data. Click the Open Data button to display the Select Data Source dialog box, which is used to choose the spreadsheet on which to perform the analysis. The Select Data Source dialog box contains a list of the spreadsheets that are currently active.

Select Cases. Click the Select Cases button to display the Analysis/Graph Case Selection Conditions dialog box, which is used to create conditions for which cases will be included (or excluded) in the current analysis. More information is available in the Case Selection Conditions Overview, Case Selection Conditions Syntax Summary, and Case Selection Conditions dialog box description.

W. Click the W (Weight) button to display the Analysis/Graph Case Weights dialog box, which is used to adjust the contribution of individual cases to the outcome of the current analysis by "weighting" those cases in proportion to the values of a selected variable.

See also, Quality Control Charts Index and Technology of the STATISTICA Quality Control Charts Module (Technical Note).