Auto-Updating of Statistics Displayed in Charts and Spreadsheets

STATISTICA Quality Control can be configured for real-time quality control of multiple quality characteristics. On the Quality Control Charts (Startup Panel), click the Real-time tab, and select the Auto-update all graphs, charts, and results spreadsheets in real-time option button. Different types of charts (e.g., attribute charts and variable control charts) can be simultaneously linked to the data stream.

When (auto-) updating variable control charts that are linked to the data, STATISTICA will reprocess the new (or updated) data. Specifically, the program will

  1. recompute the number of samples  (and parts for short-run charts), adding samples (and parts) to the charts if necessary,

  2. recompute the center line and sigma-limit values, if for the respective chart, they were set as the Process mean and Computed from data, respectively; otherwise, the user-defined values will not be changed,

  3. recompute all necessary part statistics for short-run charts (unless they are user-specified, in which case those values will not change,

  4. recompute the Runs tests (rules) if they were requested for the respective charts,

  5. recompute all statistics displayed in spreadsheets (e.g., process capability indices) or in charts, and

  6. check for all alarms (if alarm checking is requested on the Alarms tab of the Options dialog.

See also, Measurements Related to Product Quality: Custom Alarm Handling and Custom SVB Scripts.