Technology of the Statistica Quality Control Charts Module (Technical Note)

The Quality Control module of Statistica takes full advantage of the Statistica dynamic data transfer/update technology, and this module is preconfigured to optimally support applications where the output (charts, tables) needs to dynamically reflect changes in data streams of practically arbitrary volume. It is also designed to work as part of the client/server and distributed processing architectures in the most demanding manufacturing environments where data streams from multiple channels need to be processed in real-time. Specifically it is optimized for:

  1. On-line, real-time quality control charting and processing (e.g., on-line automated alarms, and other user-defined decision support (automatic or interactive) operations) with dynamic live data streams.

  2. Deployment and scalability on large and/or specialized network installations (distributed processing, client/server, multiple tier), for computationally demanding quality control tasks.

  3. Complete customizability via Statistica Visual Basic: Not only can all control chart settings be set programmatically (e.g., you can custom-compute center lines, etc.), but these settings can be adjusted dynamically in response to the live data stream; all critical events such as the incorporation (arrival) of new data into the chart, out-of-control alarm checking, etc. are accessible programmatically as events.

However, despite its architectural sophistication and complete customizability, QC Charts is also designed to be used as a simple, desktop application for individual users, and it features an extremely simple, interactive user interface.  

Licensing. Unless specifically noted in the license agreement (e.g., when the QC Charts module is deployed as part of one of the Statistica Enterprise Systems), this product is licensed to be used as a single-user, desktop (as opposed to a network or web-based) application, and none of its libraries or other components can be duplicated even to create applications to be used by one user only. Contact Dell for information about multi-user licensing, web licensing, and/or licensing other Statistica products.

For details on how to customize alarms and other critical chart events, see The Architecture of the Quality Control Charts Module and Quality Control Events.