How do I add joins or criteria to my query?

After you have specified tables and fields to be included in your query (by selecting Add from the Table menu and then selecting fields), you can add joins and/or criteria to your query. The simplest way to do this is to select Add from either the Join or Criteria menu.

A join shows how data is related between two tables and determines which cases will return as data. On the Add Join dialog,

select the tables and fields that you want to join, and the operator that determines the type of comparison that STATISTICA Query will perform on the values in the joined fields.

Criteria establishes the condition(s) that records from an external data source must meet in order to be included in the cases that are returned by the query. For example, you can specify criteria to select only records that have a certain value (such as customers in Louisville). On the Add Criteria dialog,

specify the Table, Field, Operator, and Value for your criteria.