What is the difference between graphic mode and text mode in Statistica Query?

Statistica Query consists of two modes of operation, Graphic Mode and Text Mode. The default mode of operation is Graphic Mode, and for most users is the only mode of Statistica Query ever needed to do advanced querying.

The Graphic Mode of Statistica Query provides you with a very intuitive, graphical means to create your query. Using this simple user interface, you can create very intricate SQL statements. Statistica Query automatically builds the SQL statement for you as you select the components of your query with only a few mouse clicks and/or intuitive menu options and dialogs. Users with limited knowledge of SQL will therefore be able to create advanced and powerful queries of their data in a quick and straightforward manner.

For users who currently have detailed knowledge of the more complex commands of SQL language, the Text Mode is available for further editing and/or customization of the SQL statement that has been created in the Graphic Mode. To manually enter or remove text in the SQL statement with the keyboard, switch to the Text Mode (by toggling the Graphic Mode command on the View menu or the  toolbar button). Once you are in Text Mode, you can build SQL statements including options that are not available in Graphic Mode (such as outer joins, using mathematical operators to create calculations in criteria, sorting rows by one or more columns, etc.). See Additional Functionality Available in Text Mode. Therefore, by using both the Graphic Mode and the Text Mode of Statistica Query, you can create advanced queries of your data enabling you to optimize the valuable information that is contained in multiple external data sources.