Edit - Global Options

Select Global Options from the Edit menu to display the Global Options dialog. Use this dialog to modify the default query settings for all queries that you create.

See Query Properties for a description of the check boxes in the Default query properties group. Select the Check SQL statement before running check box (the default mode) to check the SQL statement for errors before the query is run.

The options in the SQL statement syntax group are used to specify the syntax for which the SQL statement is based. Select the Always use ODBC syntax option button to generate SQL statements based on the Microsoft ODBC syntax. Make sure that the provider supports ODBC syntax. Select the Always use SQL92 syntax option button to generate SQL statements based on the ANSI SQL-92 standard syntax. Make sure that the provider supports SQL-92 syntax. If you select the Use syntax based on provider's capability option button (the default mode), STATISTICA Query will make the decision between ODBC or SQL-92 syntax based on the provider's capability.

Some providers have their own syntax and don't support either ODBC or SQL-92. Use the remaining fields for such providers. Note that these fields require you to know how the provider generates SQL statements. For further details on providers, see How do I set up a database connection using the OLE DB provider for ODBC?.

Preview record #. Set this number to be the maximum number of rows displayed within the Preview pane. The default setting of 50 is usually sufficient and typically does not incur performance repercussions.

Automatically preview data. Leave this check box selected if you want dynamically updated and displayed data in the Preview Data pane upon changes/edits to the SQL statement. You may want to clear this check box if it is apparent that updates to the Preview Data pane are slowing performance or if you have no need to preview data.