File - New

Select New from the File menu to display the Database Connection dialog, which is used to select a predefined database connection (the provider, data source location, and advanced settings of the server or directory on which the data resides).

  • To create a new database connection, click the New button to display the Data Link Properties dialog (see How do I set up a database connection using the OLE DB provider for ODBC? for further details).

  • To edit or delete the selected database connection, click the Edit and Delete buttons, respectively.

  • To search your computer for a Microsoft Data Link file that describes the data source  to connect to, follow this procedure:

    1. Click the Browse button to display the Select Data Link File dialog.

    2. Select the database connection in the Connections box.

    3. Click the OK button to begin creating your query.

  • You can also click the Cancel button to close this dialog without selecting a database connection.