View - Graphic Mode

Select Graphic Mode from the View menu to toggle between the two modes of STATISTICA Query: the Graphic Mode and the Text Mode. If Graphic Mode is selected (the default mode), then the Graphic Mode is displayed. If this command is cleared, then the Text Mode is displayed. For specific details, see Graphic Mode Overview, Text Mode Overview, and Graphic Mode Vs. Text Mode.

Note that when you are switching from the Graphic Mode to the Text Mode, the SQL statement that is currently displayed on the SQL Statement tab will be retained and displayed in the identical form in the Text Mode. Here you can make final modification to the SQL statement including advanced query commands that are not supported in the Graphic Mode (see Additional Functionality Available in Text Mode for additional details). However, If you choose to switch from Text Mode to Graphic Mode, you will lose your SQL statement completely. STATISTICA will always prompt you before you switch modes to make sure that you want to continue.