Criteria Tab

The Criteria tab is only displayed when you are in the Graphic Mode of STATISTICA Query. The Criteria tab lists the criteria that you want to include in the query.

To add criteria to the Criteria tab (and hence to your query), click the Add button on the Add Criteria dialog or select a field in the Graphic pane and drag it onto the Criteria tab. Note that you cannot enter criteria by using your keyboard and typing the criteria into the Criteria tab directly. See How do I add joins or criteria to my query? for further details.

There are several ways that you can delete the selected criteria in the Criteria tab. You can press the DELETE key on your keyboard, select Delete from the Edit menu, or select Remove from the Criteria menu. To remove all of the criteria listed on the Criteria tab, select Remove All from the Criteria menu. Note that it is possible to have multiple criteria connected with And/Or. If this is the case and you delete one of the criteria, then it is possible for the And/Or to also be deleted from another criteria (one that you have not deleted) because it is no longer applicable.