Reliability and Item Analysis Startup Panel - Quick Tab

Select the Quick tab of the Reliability and Item Analysis Startup Panel to access the options described here.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variables to be used to perform an item analysis and to compute the reliability of a scale.

Split-half reliability (2 lists). Click the Split-half reliability button to display the Select the items in the two halves: dialog. After the Variables have been selected for the analysis (see above), you can divide the variables into two variable (item) lists (the two lists do not have to contain all the items that were originally selected, see also Split-Half Reliability). For each item list, the program will calculate the reliability, the correlation between the two lists (i.e., their sums), and the correlation corrected for attenuation, as well as the split-half reliability. Note that the Split-half reliability button is only available after the Variables for the analysis have been selected.

Input file. The Input file box contains two options: Raw Data and Correlation Matrix.

Raw Data. If you select Raw Data via the Input file box, STATISTICA expects a standard raw data file as input.

Correlation Matrix. If you select Correlation Matrix via the Input file box, STATISTICA expects a correlation matrix as input. Correlation matrix files can be created from within Reliability and Item Analysis or another STATISTICA module (e.g., Basic Statistics, Canonical Analysis, Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression, etc.). Correlation matrix files can also be created directly via the Create New Document - Spreadsheet tab (see also, Matrix File Format).