Insert Object

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Insert group, click OLE Object to display the Insert Object dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Insert menu, select Object to display the Insert Object dialog box.

These options are used to select either a new or saved object to be inserted into a report. Once you have selected which type of object to insert, click OK to insert the object at the current cursor position. Click Cancel to exit the dialog box without inserting any objects into a report.

Create New. Select this option button if you want to create a new object. When you select this option button, available file types will be listed in the Object Type box. You can select any OLE file type.

Create from File. Select this option button to insert a previously saved object. When you select this option, a File edit field is displayed along with a Browse button and a Link check box. Type the complete path of the file you want to include in the File edit field, or click the Browse button and use the Browse dialog box to locate the desired file.

Link. This check box is only displayed when the Create from file option button is selected. Select the Link check box if you want to insert a picture of the file into your report and maintain a link between the original file and the report. When the original file changes, those changes will be reflected in the report. If you want to simply embed the contents of the selected file in your report (without maintaining a link), clear this check box.

Result. This text field gives a brief explanation of what will happen when a specific option is used.

Display As Icon. If you want to display the object as an icon (rather than showing the actual object), select this check box.