Rearranging Items in a Report with Drag-and-Drop

The STATISTICA report supports an entire range of drag-and-drop features within the tree pane on the left edge of the screen. By holding the right mouse button down and selecting an item in the tree pane, you can drag that item to a new location within the tree.

Follow these steps to move a spreadsheet (or other document) to a new location in the report tree.

  1. Select the spreadsheet (or other document) you want to move by right-clicking on it (do not release the mouse button).

  2. Drag the cursor to a new location in the tree. You will see a small gray square accompanying the mouse arrow as you move the mouse.

  3. Release the right mouse button. The spreadsheet is moved to the new location in the report tree.

See also, Using Copy and Paste in a Report and Renaming Report Items.