Report Window Overview

The Statistica report (*.str) is a document type that provides simple yet powerful tools for the creation of reports. The report window contains two panes: the navigation tree on the left and the document viewer on the right. The navigation tree displays and provides the means to organize the report's contents. Note that the navigation tree is not displayed until an object is added to the report. The document viewer functions as a WYSIWIG editor for the contents of the report.

Both Statistica and non-Statistica documents can be embedded in a report using OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology. The types of objects used in a given report are symbolized in the report tree using various icons. For Statistica documents, a spreadsheet is represented by , a graph is represented by , and a macro is represented by . Non-Statistica documents are represented by their program icons (i.e., represents a MS Word document). As described in Rearranging Items in a Report with Drag and Drop, these items can be moved around the report by using drag-and-drop features provided in the report tree. They can also be manipulated using Clipboard features; see Using Cut, Copy and Paste in a Report for more details.

Note: When an auto-updating graph is embedded in a report, select the graph and double-click on it in order to reflect changes in data.

The report viewer provides a variety of word processing tools to help modify and polish your report. For more details on the options available when a report is open, see Report Menu Bar. The default toolbars for the report window are described in Standard Toolbar Overview and Report Toolbar Overview. As with all toolbars in Statistica, these can be customized to meet your editing needs by adding additional commands. See the Toolbar Overview for more details.