Printing a Report

Follow these instructions to print the active report:

  1. Select Print from the File menu to display the Print dialog.

  2. In the Printer group, select the appropriate printer from the Name drop-down list. If desired, click the Properties button to view or modify printer properties. Select the Print to File check box if you want to print the active report to a file rather than queuing the print job to a printer.

  3. In the Print Range group, select from the following options: All, Selection, and Pages. If you select the Pages option button, enter the first and last page that you would like to print in the From and To boxes.

  4. In the Copies group, you can choose to print additional copies by entering the desired number in the Copies box. If you choose to print more than one copy of a report, you can select the Collate Copies check box, which ensures that your printer will collate the printed copies for you.

  5. Click OK.

See also: Creating a New Report, Adding Items to a Report, Using the Print Preview Window, and Saving a Report, Report Print Layout.