How can I print text/graphics reports from analyses?

Combined text and graphics reports can be created in the report window by creating a new report (using the Create New Document - Report tab, accessed from the File - New menu) and clicking the toolbar button to add individual spreadsheets and graphs. You can also select the Also send to Report Window check box and the Single Report (common for all Analyses/graphs) option button on the Output Manager tab of the Options dialog box to create an automatic report of all output created during your analyses.

Note: When an auto-updating graph is embedded in a report, select the graph and double-click on it in order to reflect changes in data.

To print the report, select Print from the File menu (or press CTRL+P) to display the Print dialog box. Use the options in the Print Range group to specify what pages to print. To print the entire report, select the All option button. To print a range of pages, select the Pages option button and specify the range using the From and To boxes. To print the selected portion of the report, select the Selection option button.