Adding Objects to a Spreadsheet

As mentioned in the Spreadsheet Overview, a spreadsheet is an efficient way to store cases and variables. However, spreadsheets are also ideal containers for OLE objects that enhance the meaning of your data.

For instance, you can insert a Statistica Graph or a Microsoft Excel™ chart into a spreadsheet for a more visual representation of the data. Or you can insert a Microsoft PowerPoint™ slide or a bitmap file as a graphic accompaniment to the figures in the spreadsheet. You can also insert multimedia objects, such as videos and sound files.

When you add an OLE object to a spreadsheet, you can either insert an existing object from a file, or create a new object to be inserted. If you insert an existing object, you can choose to create a link from the OLE object in the spreadsheet to its source; this will ensure that when the object is updated in its original location, it will also be updated in the spreadsheet.

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Insert group, click OLE Object to display the Insert Object dialog box.

Classic menus. On the Insert menu, select Object to display the Insert Object dialog box.

See the Insert Object dialog box topic for more details.