Date Operations - Text Dates Tab

Select the Text Dates tab of the Date Operations dialog box to access the options described here.

Transform Methods. Use the options in the Transform Methods group box to either transform a date variable into a variable containing date text labels with numeric equivalents or transform a variable containing text labels to a date variable.

Text Label Compatibility. When the Date Variable to Variable with Text Labels option button is selected, use the options in the Text Label Compatibility group box to specify the creation of either Version 6 text labels (the format of the text label of the new variable will be the same as the original date variable) or Version 5 text labels (the format will always be MONDD_YY, e.g., SEP05_74). When the Variable with Text Labels to Date Variable option button is selected, use the Format drop-down list under Variables (see below) to specify the format of the new date variable.

Variables. The options in the Variables group box are used to specify both the Source and Destination variables. Note that to display a list of the current variables in the data file, double-click (or press F2) in these fields.