Print Spreadsheet

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. In the left pane, select Print. In the right pane, click Print to display the Print Spreadsheet dialog box.

Classic menus. From the File menu, select Print to display the Print Spreadsheet dialog box.

Printer. In the Printer group box, select the appropriate printer from the Name drop-down list box.

Properties. To view or modify printer properties, click the Properties button.

Print to File. Select the Print to File check box if you want to print the active spreadsheet to a file rather than queuing the print job to a printer.

Print Range. In the Print Range group box, select from the following options: All (print the entire spreadsheet), Selection (print only the selected portion of the spreadsheet), or Pages. If you select Pages, enter the first and last page that you want to print in the From and To boxes.

Copies. In the Copies group box, you can choose to print additional copies by entering the desired number in the Copies box. If you choose to print more than one copy of a spreadsheet, you can check the Collate Copies option, which ensures that the printer will collate the printed copies.

Preview. Click the Preview button to display the Print Preview window, where you can preview how the printed spreadsheet will appear, adjust the margins, and add a header or footer.

OK. Click the OK button to print the spreadsheet.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close this dialog box without printing.