Statistica Warning: Spreadsheet Has Cloaked Rows

This warning message has been displayed because the current input spreadsheet contains cloaked rows, i.e., it has cases that are not displayed in the spreadsheet because their row height has been set to zero. Although the cases are not displayed in the spreadsheet, they will be used in all analyses and displayed in any resulting graphs. To exclude all cloaked cases from calculations, set their case state to Excluded by selecting Mark Cloaked Cases Excluded from the Data - Auto Filter submenu. To hide all cloaked cases in graphs (while still using them for all calculations), select Mark Cloaked Cases Hidden from the Data - Auto Filter submenu. Changing the case state of cloaked cases to both Excluded and Hidden will ensure that the cases are not used in calculations or displayed in graphs.

Note that if the cases were cloaked via the Auto Filter options (accessible from the Data - Auto Filter submenu), you can also exclude them from all analyses and graphs by setting the auto filter criteria as case selection conditions. To do this, select Set as Selection Conditions from the Data - Auto Filter submenu.

Do not show this message again. Select this check box to turn off this warning message (dialog box). If you subsequently start analyses using spreadsheets that have cloaked rows, this dialog box will not be displayed. Select the Warn when spreadsheet has cloaked rows check box on the Analyses/Graphs: Display tab of the Options dialog box to enable this warning message again.