Sort Performance Warning

The options in this dialog box pertain to the sorting of very large data files (data spreadsheets) with heterogeneous cell formatting within data columns. In general, the sorting operations in Statistica are highly optimized and extremely efficient. However, when individual cells in a column of the spreadsheets contain formatting that is different from other cells in the same column (heterogeneous within-column formats), then the sorting can be made more efficient if the cell formatting is removed, so that all cells in each column have identical (homogeneous) formatting. In other words, the sorting of large data files will be faster if the display formats for numbers are identical (homogeneous) within each column (e.g., one column could contain numbers displayed as currency, another as dates etc.); however, if the column formatting is heterogeneous (e.g., one column has 10 cells displayed as currency, and 10 cells displayed as percent), then the sorting will be slower.

Note that the options available in this dialog box can also be set globally for Statistica via the Options dialog box - Spreadsheets tab.

Don't display this warning again. Select the Don't display this warning again check box if you do not want this dialog box to be displayed again during the current analyses session with Statistica.

Include Formatting. Click the Include Formatting button to include the cell formatting in the sorting operation, so that cells displayed in a particular format within each column (different from the formatting of other cells in the same column) will retain their format (e.g., if some cells within a column are formatted as currency, then those cells will retain their currency formatting after the sort is completed). When sorting very large data files, selecting this option may slow down the sort operations to some degree.

Remove Formatting. Click the Remove Formatting button to remove all heterogeneous (see above) cell formatting from the cells; this may speed up the sort operation for very large data files.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close this dialog box.