Modifying a Format

You can modify any existing format to change its formatting attributes. Follow these instructions to modify a format:

Ribbon bar. Select the Format tab. In the Block group, click Format Manager to display the Format Manager.

Classic menus. From the Format - Block submenu, select Format Manager to display the Format Manager.

Select the format you want to modify, and click the Edit button to display the Edit Format dialog box.

Use the Font, Border, Alignment, and Number tabs in the Edit Format dialog box to make the desired formatting changes to the selected format. Use the Include features in the format check box on each tab to clear the formatting options on the active tab (by clearing the check box). The Clear All button clears the formatting options on all four tabs.

When you are finished selecting the desired formatting options, click OK. For more details on the features in this dialog box, see Edit Format, or press F1 while this dialog box is displayed.

Click Close in the Format Manager to return to the active spreadsheet.

See also: Formats - Overview, Creating a Format, Applying a Format, and Deleting a Format.