Using the Text Labels Editor

Select a variable in a spreadsheet, and then:

Ribbon bar. Select the Data tab. In the Variables group, click Text Labels to display the Text Labels Editor for the selected variable.

Classic menus. From the Data menu, select Text Labels Editor to display the Text Labels Editor for the selected variable.

Use the table displayed in the Text Labels Editor (pictured below) to create/modify text labels that accompany the selected variable.

For example, the variable Gender (which appears in brackets in the title bar of the dialog box) has two entries in the Text Labels column: Male and Female. The Numeric column lists the unique number that represents each text label. In this example, the numeric value 1 represents the text label Male, while the numeric value 2 represents the text label Female. Additionally, you can enter a more detailed explanation of the text label in the Description column. See Text Labels Editor for a description of all the options available in the Editor.

You can autofit columns in the Text Labels Editor by double-clicking on the far-right side of the Column Header (the mouse pointer will be a cross with a double-headed arrow  ), then dragging the column to the desired width. Additionally, you can resize the Text Labels Editor itself by dragging its sides or corners.

See also, the Variable Text Values dialog box topic.