Format - Block - Format Manager

Use the options in the Format Manager to change the formats of the default selections (Alternate Block, Header, and Normal) or to add additional formats.

Ribbon bar. Select the Format tab. In the Block group, click Format Manager to display the Format Manager.

Classic menus. From the Format - Block submenu, select Format Manager to display the Format Manager.

Here, you can view a list of available formats and perform various operations on formats. See also, Format Overview.

Click the Edit button to display the Edit Format dialog box, where you can edit the selected format. Click the New button to display the Format Name dialog box, where you can specify the name of a new format. After you have specified a name, the Edit Format dialog box is displayed, where you can set the options of the new format.

See How do I create a new cell/block format? for further details.

Finally, you can delete or rename the selected format by clicking the respective Delete or Rename buttons.